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Monica Prelle

Camping Poll: How do you Handle Noisy Camping Neighbors

By September 14, 2012

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On a recent camping trip, my husband and I were enjoying a quiet afternoon by the creek -- he was fly fishing with his new Sage 7 1/2-foot 2-weight rod and I was lounging in the hammock reading a book. It was a  late-summer afternoon; the sun was shining and warm. The aspen leaves along the creek corridor had just started changing color and hues of green and yellow lined the canyon.

We were happy to find one of our favorite camping areas in the Eastern Sierra quiet and uncrowded. There were no other campers for miles, until an RV pulled in an parked at the site next to us. At first I wondered why they would park so close, considering all of the other campsites were open, but rather than give it too much thought, I went back to reading my book.

Then they opened their door and pushed a small, fluffy yapping dog out. The dog started barking and didn't stop. Then they switched on the generator.

I was shocked. Is this really happening, I thought? I kept thinking, they are just getting camp set-up, they'll quiet down and then I will again be able to hear the leaves rustle in the wind, the creek flowing and the birds chirping, but no. They didn't quiet down and after a few hours of the noise, we decided to move camps.

How do you handle noisy neighbors while camping? Vote below and then tell us why in the comments section.

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September 24, 2012 at 3:44 pm
(1) richie says:

Noisey neighbors-
If your in a paid Campground complaints are easier.If Boondocking on non controlled land (this day & Time) you might get shot just trying to appraoch some Noisey other campers.
many places NO guns are allowed, But that doesn’t hold true for even trying to ask others th quiet down. heaven help you after Dark.
richie in southern Va.

January 28, 2013 at 6:30 pm
(2) matt says:

In my years of experience, I would suggest simply to contact park staff and let them handle it.

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