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Camping Basics - More About Bedding

Alternatives to Sleeping on the Hard Ground


Sleeping on the hard ground is not conducive to a good night's rest. To address this concern there are sleeping pads. Made primarily for backpackers, they are compact, lightweight, and durable. But if you toss and turn in your sleep, you may find yourself sliding off the pad during the night.

Sleeping pads are just one solution to providing some layer of comfort between you and the hard ground, but there are other alternatives. Remember those exercise pads used in the gym in high-school phys-ed class? Or have you seen those egg carton shaped foam pads? Either of these work well as sleeping pads.

If you happen to take your truck camping, there are different choices available. My wife and I have a Dodge RAM with a cap on it. At least once a year we use this as our camping home. We have a Camper Top Tent from Campmor that attaches to the cap door while open to give us a truck/tent effect. For our sleeping pad we use an old futon mattress that fits just right in the truck bed and is very comfortable to sleep on.

Another solution for those weekend getaways in the truck is to get one of those pick-up bed tents like the Sportz Truck tent from Napier which even comes with a floor. Friends of mine have one of these and they can set it up in about 10 minutes. They compliment their truck/tent setup with a futon also.

Other friends who camp with us on Ocracoke in September have a home-made bed frame that pieces together and stows on top of their van along with an inflatable air mattress. They have a large dome tent to accommodate this queen-size bed which they boast as being more comfortable than their bed at home.

Today there are as many varied ways of camping as there are campers. Camping becomes a personal thing. Even though you may be away from the warm confines of your cozy bedroom at home, you still want to get just as good a night's sleep.

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