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Camping Basics - How to Set Up a Campsite

Tips for Preparing a Campsite


You've finally arrived at your camping destination and you're scoping out the area to see which spot looks best for setting up your campsite. What should you be looking for?
  • Look For Relatively High, Level Ground
    There's some truth to the saying "high and dry," and you should never set up your tent on a slope, or you'll find yourself rolling out of your sleeping bag all night.

  • Check for a Water Source Nearby
    Water is essential for camping; you'll need it for all your drinking, cooking, and cleaning up. You don't want to have to walk far with a five-gallon container.

  • Find an Adequate Area for Cooking
    Don't ever cook in your tent! Locate a flat area away from any leaves, twigs or brush that may catch fire. And never leave an unattended campfire burning.

  • And Another Area for Cleaning
    Don't kill the flora with hot, soapy water. Use bio-degradable soap, and only dump gray water in designated areas or where it will do no harm.

  • Don't Forget the Garbage
    Always keep a clean campsite. Collect all litter and keep it gathered away from your tent in a location out of reach of any of the local critters or pests.

  • Pick a Campsite With Some Shade
    It's nice to have a shady spot to relax in during the heat of the day or while hanging out at the campsite.

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