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Camping Basics - Activities

Time for Recreation


After setting up the campsite it's time to go do what you came here to do, "go play!" Whatever your preoccupation is, enjoy! To many campers, myself included, seeing the campsite set up and smelling the country air is a refreshing change from all of the confines of the city. I like to take this time to just sit down, get something cold to drink and relax a spell. It's usually around this time too that the thought goes through my mind, "what did I forget to bring?" It never fails, there's always something useful that gets left behind, like a bottle opener, or the clothes line, or something. "Now where did I put that camping checklist?"

  • Keep a Checklist
    Itemize your gear and all the essentials that you use while camping. Depending on when and where you like to camp and what you like to do, the list will be ever changing. But most importantly, use it.

  • Plan Meal Times
    Whether it's just the two of you or the whole family, let everyone know when it's time to eat before they go running off to play. Meals take more time to prepare at the campground, but it's also one of the chores that everyone seems to want to help out with.

  • Keep a Clean Campsite
    After meals do a thorough job of cleaning the dishes and the eating area and put all trash in appropriate containers. Never leave food or leftovers unattended at the campsite, because critters will make quick use of it and usually leave quite a mess in the process.

  • Observe Campground Rules
    The rules were made so that everyone can enjoy the campground. It only takes one camper from hell to ruin it for everyone else. Be a good neighbor.

  • Take a Late Night Walk
    Check out the stars, listen to the silence, smell the fresh country air. It doesn't get any better than this.

Now get a good night's sleep and get up and do it all again.

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