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US Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds


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The Army Corps of Engineers are familiar to most of us from their involvement in dam construction to control river flows, build lake reservoirs, and produce hydroelectric power. Part of their charter is to also open up these river and lakeside areas to the public and provide recreation opportunities for fishing, boating and camping.

ACE Goal: "At the heart of our effort are soldiers, airmen, their families and the citizens of this great country. Whatever we do must make a positive impact on their lives. That's why we exist."

With over 2,500 recreation areas at 450+ lakes managed by ACE, there certainly are many choices. As with the campgrounds provided by the US Forest Service, all your searching is simplified by Recreation.gov.

Finding a campground at Recreation.gov is easy. You can search for a campground by entering your personal preferences and then choosing a campground from the results.

Each campground page will tell you a little bit about the area and show a detailed map of that campground's layout. You can then choose the area of the campground that interests you and read specifics about each campsite to find one that meets your needs. Information about special events, services and amenities is also provided. Once you have found a campsite you like, just a click of your mouse and you can make a secure online reservation.

The campgrounds at ACE facilities are clean and well maintained and offer the basic amenities: showers, restrooms, water, picnic tables and fire rings. The areas are otherwise somewhat primitive, but will usually offer services for boaters and fishermen, like marinas, boat launches and tackle shops.

The following Web sites have everything you need to research and plan a camping adventure at an Army Corps of Engineers lakeside campsite:

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