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Cumberland Island National Seashore

Georgia Camping Destinations


The remoteness of Cumberland Island offers primitive campers an opportunity to enjoy the solitude and serenity of its beautiful beaches and moss-draped live oak forests. The wildlife here is diverse, and one might get a chance to observe sea turtles laying eggs on the beach, or to catch a glimpse of alligators, deer, and wild pigs inland. Then there are the many varieties of shorebirds and migratory fowl that are everywhere to be seen. As is true for many of the barrier islands along the Atlantic coast, wild horses inhabit the island, the domestic descendants from years long past.

The largest and southernmost of Georgia's Golden Isles, Cumberland is reached by a passenger ferry operated by the NPS from St. Marys waterfront. Tent camping only is allowed, and reservations are required with a maximum stay of 7 days. You can call (912)882-4335 for camping reservations up to 6 months in advance. Camp at Sea Camp Beach, a developed campground with rest rooms, cold showers, and drinking water for $4.00 per person per night, or at one of the primitive backcountry campgrounds for $4.00 per person per night.

For full details on Cumberland Island National Seashore, check out the NPS Web site:

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