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Niagara Falls

New York Camping Destinations


The oldest state park in the United States lies in upstate New York and surrounds Niagara Falls. The series of islands that make up Niagara Reservation State Park serve to preserve the history and the ecology of this magnificent natural phenomenon. Although there is no camping in the park, it is well worth visiting to learn of the geology of this great waterway. While in the park one shouldn't forget to take a ride on the Maid of the Mist and experience the Cave of the Winds while touring the falls from below. There's other opportunities to enjoy nature here too, so you hikers, bikers, and fishermen, don't get discouraged when the romantic(s) in your family wants to visit Niagara Falls.

There are other state parks in the Niagara region that do offer various camping facilities and these include Evangola State Park in Irving, Four Mile Creek State Park east of Youngstown, and Golden Hill State Park in Barker. Evangola is situated on Lake Erie, 27 miles south of Buffalo, offers 80 campsites, and has a natural sand beach for swimming. Four Mile Creek offers 266 campsites, fishing, and woods for hiking and observing nature. Golden Hill has campsites on Lake Ontario, a boat launch and fishing, and is near the historical Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse.

For complete details on these and all New York state parks, including reservation forms and maps, visit their homepage.

There are also plenty of camping opportunities at campgrounds and provincial parks on the Canadian side of the falls too, plus many attractions and things to do. A popular destination is the Niagara Parks Recreation Trail, 35 miles of paved paths along scenic routes for walking, biking, rollerblading and wheelchairs. Whether you visit Niagara Falls in Canada or in the United States, you'll find plenty of outdoor adventures waiting.

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