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Camping Travelogue - Ocracoke Island NC

Dateline: 09/07/98


Every September my wife and I head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to spend three glorious weeks on Ocracoke Island. Not much has changed in our route, and not much has changed on Ocracoke Island either. Ocracoke remains a simple fishing village with the primary attraction being the beach. Almost all island recreation evolves around the beach. To find out what there is to do on Ocracoke Island, follow the daily exploits of my wife and I as we travel from northern Kentucky to Ocracoke Island NC, where we will be camping, fishing, and beaching for the next several weeks.

Journal entries...

(click on each date for daily details)

  • 09/06/98 - preparations:
    The day before departure, time to load the truck, ice the coolers, hitch the camper, and worry about what we forgot to pack.

  • 09/07/98 - departure:
    Rising with the sun, we begin our journey to the Outer Banks, making it as far today as Richmond VA. Still trying to remember what we forget to bring.

  • 09/08/98 - enroute:
    The last part of getting there, and a few sites along the way. As we're approaching Ocracoke on the ferry, a big storm rolls across the sound which makes for an interesting light show.

  • 09/09/98 - arrival:
    The campsite, home for the next few weeks.

  • 09/10/98 - getting settled:
    We've had a great night's sleep and have everything organized, so we're ready to hit the beach.

  • 09/11/98 - Yay! the bugs are gone:
    It's safe on the beach and another great day. The wind has changed to blow the bugs inland, but weekend visitors are arriving steadily in their place.

  • 09/12/98 - the weekend - Saturday:
    It may be the off season, but the campground and village still fill up with weekend travelers looking for a peaceful getaway. It's a good day to just hang out at the beach!

  • 09/13/98 - the weekend - Sunday:
    The campground empties quickly of the weekenders, so we head out early to South Point to fish and get out of their way.

  • 09/14/98 - another beach day:
    As my buddy Fred would say: "I wonder what the rich folks are doing today?" Well Fred, rich is having friends like you to share a place like Ocracoke!

  • 09/15/98 - surf's up!:
    Hurricane George, although staying south, sends ocean currents our way which make for some BIG waves.

  • 09/16/98 - beach wienie roast:
    Wonderful weather, fabulous food, and great friends.

  • 09/17/98 - a little rain must fall:
    But it's just the opportunity for Fred and I to sit around in the camper and play guitars.

  • 09/18/98 - a lazy day:
    Last night's festivities took its toll on all of us, so today we just rested at the beach.

  • 09/19/98 - a great sunset:
    After a typical day at the beach, we get some great photos with effects of the clouds and setting sun.

  • 09/20/98 - let's go north:
    Today we changed directions and spent the day fishing and shelling at the north end of the island.

  • 09/21/98 - 9/24/98:
    Typical beach days, sunning, fishing, and shelling.

  • 09/25/98 - the end:
    All good things must come to an end, time to go home.

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