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Celebrate Earth Day April 22

Make time to get involved in your community


"Who says you can't change the world?"
- Earth Day Network

Camping is an activity that allows us to escape the routines of our daily lives. Camping gives us a chance to get in touch with nature and, in so doing, gives us an opportunity to also get in touch with ourselves. But camping, as well as any outdoor recreation, is not enjoyable when the environment where we go to play has been neglected and disrespected. In 1969, amidst the turmoil of the conflict over the Vietnam War, the concept was raised by some grassroots activists to organize a national teach-in to raise concern for the environment. The success of this first celebration was cause enough to create an annual event. Thus began the history of Earth Day.

Since the twentieth anniversary, Earth Day has been celebrated internationally. Peoples from around the world volunteer for cleanup programs of their communities, park lands, and highways; they get involved in conservation programs, awareness groups, park and forest land restoration projects, trash pickup along highways and waterways, and a host of other caretaker responsibilities. We are indeed the caretakers of this planet we call Earth.

Thus the Earth Day Network emerged from a need to organize this global effort. The Earth Day Network serves as an online clearinghouse for events, both in the US and internationally. Take the time to get involved. Check the resources here or your local newspapers and TV stations for events near you. The next time you go camping, leave your site cleaner than it was when you arrived. If you're on the trail or at the lake and you see trash around, pick it up. Care for the Earth, and in return the Earth will care for us.

Another perspective on Earth Day

A Better Kind of Earth Day
Andrew Alden, About's Geology Guide, says, "Since Earth Day isn't about Earth science, why not change some things?"

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