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Canoe to Your Campsite

Canoe Camping
A great way to get away from it all

If you're ready for a step up from tent camping, consider taking your next adventure into the wilderness by canoe. This method of travel can lead you to isolated vistas and through terrains that are unreachable by most other means. You'll acquire an intimacy with nature that is unattainable in a campground or RV park; and you'll develop more self confidence in your outdoor skills as a result of not having campground conveniences to rely on. If a canoe camping trip is a possibility in your future, the following sites may be of particular interest to your needs.

Tour these Canoe Camping sites on the Web
Canoe Camping - USA
Mark McClain is documenting the top 40 non-whitewater canoeing rivers in the country; he offers trip descriptions, advice and tips for planning week long river excursions and primitive camping.

Canoe Trip Equipment List
Darren Cope enjoys outdoor sports, such as canoeing, fishing, camping, biking and cross country skiing. His Outdoor Page is intended for people who like the outdoors and need information on outdoor recreation. His equipment list has comprehensive information on clothes, food, and gear, with numerous references to items by manufacturer and links to their associated Web pages. Don't overlook his survival kit plans or his menu planning page.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Probably the most popular canoe destination in the US, and also popular on the Net. Here's several sites covering this ideal wilderness area for canoe camping, including information on outfitters, routes, wildlife, history, Forest Service regulations, permits, and fishing.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
lots of info

Ely MN Gateway to Boundary Waters Adventure
Ely Chamber of Commerce

Friends of the Boundary Wilderness
dedicated to BWCA preservation

GORP - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
a guide to other Internet resources

Quetico Park and the BWCA
photos and more from QuietJourney

Canoe Manufacturers
American Traders
Bear Mountain Canoe Kits
Bearwood Canoe Company
Bourquin Boats
Buffalo Canoes Manufacturing
Chestnut Canoe Company
Dagger Canoe and Kayak
Feather Canoes
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
Hurley Canoe Company
Island Falls Canoe
Kevin Martin Wooden Boats & Canoes
Langford Canoe & Kayak
Laughing Loon Canoes & Kayaks
Mad River Canoe
Maine Journeys Canoe
McFarland Lake Canoe Company
Navarro Canoe Co.
North Bay Canoe and Kayak
Nova Craft Canoe
Old Town Canoe
Paugan Falls Canoe Works
Red River Canoe & Paddle Company
Roy Allman Canoes
Ruch Canoes
Scott Canoe
Souris River Canoes
Swift Canoe & Kayak
Wenonah Canoe
West Coast Canoe Company
Wood Song Canoes
Woodstrip Watercraft Co.
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