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Our Nation's Christmas Tree
The annual trek to the General Grant Tree.
General Grant tree photo courtesy NPS

The second Sunday of every December marks the National Park Service Christmas celebration at Grant Grove in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, which is home to the General Grant tree.

Sponsored by the Sanger Chamber of Commerce, the annual trek to the tree takes place the second Sunday of December. If you would like to attend, but don't like driving in the snow, buses are available in Sanger to take you to the ceremony. Contact the Sanger Chamber of Commerce at (559)875-4575.

In 1924, a little girl was overheard to remark "what a wonderful Christmas tree it would be!" A year later, Charles E. Lee organized the first Christmas day celebration at the General Grant tree.

Every December, the park rangers place a wreath at the base of the General Grant tree, dedicated by President Eisenhower in 1956 as a living memorial to those who have died serving their country.

photo of Christmas celebration courtesy NPS

"We are gathered here around a tree that is worthy of representing the spirit of America on Christmas Day. That spirit is best expressed in the plain things of life, the love of the family circle, the simple life of the out of doors.  The tree is a pillar that is a testimony that things of the spirit transcend those of the flesh."

Colonel John White, longtime Park Superintendent,
speaking in reference to the General Grant tree

Enjoy a virtual stroll along the Grant Tree trail.

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Hey kids, time to put together your Christmas wish lists. When it's ready, get your parents to help and Email Santa.

Happy Holidays!

(Photos used with permission of the National Park Service.)

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