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Benton Hot Springs, Benton, California

A campground review by About.com Camping Guide, Monica Prelle

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Benton Hot Springs, Benton, California

Campsite number 4 at Benton Hot Springs in California.

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Campground: Benton Hot Springs
Location: Benton, California
Last visit: January, 2013
How Camped: pop-up camper
Reviewed by: Monica Prelle

Review and Description


Benton Hot Springs is off the beaten path, about 45 minutes from Bishop or Mammoth Lakes in California. The campground is located on Highway 120 near the junction of Highway 6.

Private hot tubs at each campsite make this campground one of a kind. The hot mineral water is soothing and relaxing. There are just nine campsites and each is fairly private. The views of the White Mountains are spectacular at sunset and sunrise and each hot tub has a fantastic view.

Campsites 1-4 have a 1-3 person redwood hot tub that sits above ground. Campsites 5-9 are larger sites and the tubs can accommodate 4-8 people.

Winter can be cold at Benton, but the hot springs stay hot year round. Spring and summer months can be hot and buggy and the fall is typically moderate.

Make sure you reserve a campsite before you arrive since he area is small and can easily be full. Or, if it is a quite time of year, staff is only available during the middle of the day and closed some days of the week. Tubs can be reserved for hourly rates and guest rooms are available at the bed and breakfast.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Rating


  • Private hot tubs with temperature controls.
  • Beautiful Views.
  • Quiet and Relaxing.
  • Fire pits, barbecues, and picnic tables and chairs at each site.
  • Large sites fit multiple cars and RVs (no hook-ups).

Cons: Expensive.

Attractions: Hot Springs!

Rating: 5

Benton Hot Springs Campground Rates

Hourly (11am-4pm) $10 per person. Small Tubs Overnight (1 thru 4 & 7)(4pm-11am) $40 double occupancy, $10 for each additional person. Single person $30 per site.
Large Tubs Overnight (5, 6, 8 & 9) (4pm-11am) $50 triple occupancy, $10 for each additional person. No discount for 1 or 2 persons.
Extra Days (24 hour periods) Second and additional days are same rates as first day. Early check-in or day use an additional $15 per site. Children under 12 free with paying adult.
Special Events Weddings and parties by reservation. $500 to 1,000 per day for all Hot Tub Sites.

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