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Boulder Creek RV Resort, Lone Pine, California

Campground Review Submitted by Juan

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Campground:Boulder Creek RV Resort, Lone Pine, California
Location: Lone Pine, California
Last visit: 2/1/2012
reviewed by: Juan
How Camped: RV
How Found: web search

How Found: Passing through
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description


I visited this campground and I got to watch all the mice run all over, but then the wind started and all the mice went to their volunteered RVs and I got to enjoy the sand blasting and at only $40 bucks a day plus tax...

Pros, Cons and Additional Comments

Pros: Leaving

Cons: The muffins at the breakfast stale, coffee weak, but what the heck the little sign said take only 2.(feed the Mice?)

Attractions: Mt. Whitney

Additional Comments: Left at 7am the next day, paid for 3 nights, no refund but got credit for the next trip???

Rating: 2

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From Boulder Creek RV Resort: “Boulder Creek is a resort style RV park located off of Hwy 395 in Lone Pine, California. Our park is the perfect destination for those looking to discover Mt. Whitney and the wonders of the Sierras. We cater to both RVers, RV Groups and Tent campers for overnight and extended stay, so please stop by to see us soon.

Our park features sites with full hookups and plenty of shade, creating a relaxing and quiet atmosphere for our guests. We welcome guests of all ages and offer a playground, basketball, horseshoes, pool, spa and live animals for the entertainment of our younger campers. Adults will appreciate our group facilities, clean amenities, and clubhouse for relaxing and socializing."

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