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Salem Farms Campground - Salem, Connecticut

Campground Review Submitted by Samantha

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Campground: Salem Farms Campground
Location: Salem, Conneticut
Last visit: 2010
How Found: Internet
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description

Salem farms is more like a boot camp then a campground. I understand campgrounds NEED rules, but this campground is to the excess! Brian the leader and his kids run the campground with an iron fist. The only thing good about the campground is the seasonals and I honestly don't know why they stay, maybe because it's cheaper then other campgrounds.

They can't keep weekenders in it the times we stayed there were only seasonals, no weekend campers! The bathroom is nasty. The water is dirty. There are hardly any activities for the kids or adults. Spend a little extra and go to a campground your family will have fun at. Odetah Campground is close and Witch Meadows is right down the street; both are better campgrounds.

Pros, Cons, Comments and Rating

p> Pros: Seasonals, Saturday night entertainment, two pools


Additional Comments: Salem farms = boot camp

Rating: 1

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