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Brumbley's Family Park – Milton, Delaware

Campground Review Submitted by John.

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Campground: Brumbley's Family Park Campground
Location: Milton, Delaware
Last Visit: June 2012
How Found: Word of mouth.
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description:


This was the best experience we have had in ten years of camping. The campground is small, but beautiful. They have two stocked fishing ponds, a beautiful pool, and the campground borders a wildlife preserve. Their "overseer" as the owner called him, Chris, was the nicest, most helpful person we have ever encountered at a campsite. He helped us set up, provided us with anything we needed (or forgot to bring) and was an all-around genuinely nice man. He also checked on us daily to make sure we were having a good vacation and suggested wonderful restaurants and side trips. We will make this campground our destination for any and all of our future trips to Delaware's beaches. Also, the owner, Mr. Brumbley sent us to attractions that were off the beaten path that we would never have found. Simply stated, this was the best vacation we have had in the 12+ years we have been going to Delaware's beaches. A+++

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: The "overseer" Chris was amazing. There is a beautiful pool, two ponds, and we were able to bring our dogs!

Cons: It was hard to find.

Attractions: Outlets malls, the 16 mile brewery, countless beaches, amusement parks.

Rating: 5

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 2 out of 5
Trailer Park, Member krfried

This isn't really a campground as far as I can tell, more of a permanent mobile home park. There are a few camping spots for temporary guests, but most of the trailers don't move. We were ""allowed"" to share one camping spot with our friends (a pop up and a camper van) for the low low price of $50 per unit per night in the off season. So, 200 bucks for a weekend, to share hookups and one bathroom (the other was locked all weekend, and even the one we used ran out of TP and we had to replace it) in essentially a field. Maybe in the peak season it's worth being close to the beaches or there are more amenities, but in the fall it felt like a real rip off and just had nothing at all to offer. We were in town to tour Dogfish Head Brewery, which was awesome, but we still laugh about what a joke our ""campground"" was.

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