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KOA Campground, Montpelier Creek - Montpelier, Idaho

Campground Review Submitted by Janice

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Campground: KOA Campground, Montpelier Creek
Location: Montpelier, Idaho
Last visit: June, 5 2012
How Camped: RV
How Found: KOA Directory.

Campground Review and Description


An overnight stay on our way to the Oregon Coast

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments

Pros: The staff was terrific. The campground was a bit out of town so it is quiet. It is well kept and clean. It has a very nice dog park.

Cons: N/A

Attractions: N/A

Rating: 5

Idaho Travel and Camping Information

From KOA Montpelier Creek : "This award-winning, peaceful KOA lies along the Oregon Trail, halfway between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park. Settle back in a tree-shaded site, lulled by the trickle of the creek that runs through the campground. Drop a lure into the water or relax in the heated pool. Your dog will love the fenced-in dog park, or a walk along the nature trail. Stay in one of the tipis with modern conveniences, or deluxe cabins complete with linens and a full bath. The National Oregon/California Trail Center provides an eye-opening look at the pioneer experience, including a computer-simulated covered-wagon ride. Adventure today leans toward ATV trails, boating in Bear Lake and hiking along the Highline Trail or Limber Pine Trail (which leads to a 2,000-year-old limber pine). Also nearby, scour the skies for white-faced ibis and redhead ducks at Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge or head underground to marvel at the nine rooms of Minnetonka Cave.

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