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Fish Lake Family Resort – Fremont, Indiana

Campground Review Submitted by Hailey.

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Campground: Fish Lake Family Resort
Location: Fremont, Indiana
Last visit: June 2012
How Found: Internet and Facebook.
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description:


Amazing activities and amazing fishing. Really relaxing and peaceful.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: Fishing. Boats. People. Activities. Owner. Environment.

Cons: None.

Attractions: Beaches.

Rating: 5

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From Fish Lake Family Resort: “Fish Lake Family Resort, located near Fremont in beautiful northern Indiana, is the perfect location for your next getaway...whether overnight, weekend, weekly, or seasonal. We will even be offering rental cabins for the perfect carefree vacation. Modern sites with water/sewer/electric are offered, as well as primitive camping. Rates are available by the day, week, month, and season.."

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