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Stadig Campground located on the Southern Maine Coast

Campground Review Submitted by MaineBeachCamper

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Campground: Stadig Campground
Location: Southern Maine coast near Wells, Maine
Last visit: Summer 2012
How Found: N/A
How Camped: tent

Campground Review and Description:


Negative experience upon check-in. Took nearly 45 minutes to check in, where they begin by going over each and every rule in the campground. Owner and his wife are extremely condescending and rude, treating you like prisoners instead of guests. There are an outrageous amount of rules, including points such as not being able to put a toe in the wooded areas. I also think its rude to imply that people would regularly use the woods to urinate and have the audacity to say it isn't allowed during their 10 minute rule "class" during check-in. The bathrooms are filthy and tiny, you can hardly close the stall doors once inside, and I am a short/smaller person, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a larger individual. The showers are equally filthy and small, shower head is placed low, which works for me but wouldn't work well for someone over 5'4".

Another reviewer was correct in saying they patrol on a golf-cart, to make sure everyone is following their rules to a "T", and not hesitating to lecture you or your children and threaten to eject you. The rec hall is nearly empty and the camp store doesn't really exist. They playground contains what looks to be a new small swing set surrounded by a plethora of old plastic toys that look to have been picked up at area yard sales. Our fire-pit was surrounded by a good amount of red-ants, which made for an unpleasant campfire. Most of the other campsites are bedded with sand, so I imagine they contain ants as well. A train pulls through locally several times during the day and night, and proudly announces its presence. Rates are good, no wonder why.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros:Low rates, wooded sites. Locked down like Fort Knox.

Cons: Amenities are a joke, condescending and rude owners on a power-trip, showers and bathrooms are terrible, ant problems.

Attractions: Drakes Island and Wells Beach, and lots of other area attractions you'll be schooled about upon check-in.

Additional Comments: They have a wonderful piece of land that makes for a perfect campground, but this place needs some serious updates and the owners need an attitude adjustment.

Rating: 1

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From Stadig Campground: Stadig Campground offers a perfect blend of wilderness camping and modern convenience. Centrally located just off U.S. Route 1 in Wells, Stadig Campground lies quietly nestled beneath the gentle canopy of a classic Maine forest, halfway between Kittery and Portland. Enjoy your visit to our web site and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Editor’s Note: Dogs are not allowed at Stadig Campground.

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