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Moose Hillock Campground - Warren, New Hampshire

Campground Review Submitted by Marie Viviano

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p> Campground: Moose Hillock Campground
Location: Warren, New Hampshire
Last visit: June 28 - July 8, 2012
How Found: Wanted to find something close to Mt. Washington.
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description:


Awesome, beautiful, quiet, and serene!

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: Read several reviews before booking, most were negative. I realize opinions differ and we decided to make a reservation anyway. It was great! Staff always around and very friendly. The bathrooms and showers were very clean! Rules were enforced for quiet hours. Despite what other reviews state, religion was not forced on anyone. Services were offered on Saturday evenings if you wanted to attend. I didn't want to leave! My husband and I highly recommend this campground!


Attractions: Mt. Washington, we rode our motorcycle up. Went to Vermont and Maine for lobster. The beach in Old Orchard! Just get out and ride! Beautiful views, perfect climate--- just go! Everything is close! Even the hospital is close if needed!

Additional Comments: We rode our motorcycle for 10 hours to get there. If you have one I would recommend the trip. Spectacular! Also, the negative comments I read in other reviews--- not true! For 8 days that we spent there we never saw a bored or unhappy child! Always busy!

Rating: 5

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From Moose Hillock Campground: Tucked away in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire, Moose Hillock brings the proper balance of quiet solitude and family fun to camping. Our cabins, special RV sites, secluded tent sites, pool, playgrounds, nature trails and squeaky clean facilities are spread out over hundreds of acres of woodland. Come stay with us this summer to experience camping the way that it was meant to be. We have plenty to keep you playing all day, and, at night, the only things you’ll hear are the sounds of nature."

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