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Newfound RV Park – Bridgewater, New Hampshire

Campground Review Submitted by Lisa

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Campground: Newfound RV Park
Location: Bridgewater, New Hampshire
Last visit: June 2012
How Found: Online.
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description:


This is a big rig campground. It's small mostly pull thru sites and more of an adult park. There is a small recreation hall and a limited RV store. There is no pool. The owners keep it very clean; the showers are spotless.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: It's small and clean. People are friendly. It's quite if that's what you are looking for. There are plenty of things to do around here. It's right off a main road to get here and very easy to get here.

Cons: If you are a family it's still a nice place, but no playground or pool for kids.

Attractions: Close to all the big lakes. Laconia, White Mts. National park, hiking, swimming, etc.

Additional Comments: Their website is www.newfoundrvpark.com

Rating: 5

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From Newfound RV Park: “New Hampshire's newest Big Rig Park is situated just a few miles from Wellington State Park, which is on Newfound Lake, one of the cleanest inland lakes in the United States. This spring fed lake is the Jewel of the lakes region and is 7 miles long and has 22 miles of shore line. Your recreational opportunities are varied and we are the perfect base camp for your explorations."

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