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Circle 9 Ranch Campground - Epsom, New Hampshire

Campground Review Submitted by Kathy

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Campground: Circle 9 Ranch Campground
Location: Epsom, New Hampshire
Last visit: June 2012
How Found: Camping Guide
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description:

I don't know who wrote the review I read but I'd say maybe 10 years ago maybe it might have been that way. It seems to be inhabited by drunks down on their luck who live in shanties. The only place with cable is in the sun and unappealing pull through. Unfriendly people. Most is unkempt, grass not cut, no socials ice cream or other wise. Dilapidated playground and the most entertainment is crappy horseshoes. A pool the size of a backyard pool in your home. If you like low-lifes it would be the perfect spot for you. But if you were like us looking for a nice campground please stay away. There are much, much better places to stay. Never mind dump in wetlands, moldy and filthy bathrooms too.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Everything.


Rating: 1

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From Circle 9 Campground: "Circle 9 is a family owned campground, with the owners living onsite overseeing the day to day operations. Our staff members have all been with us for quite some time. We feel this is a testament to the quality of the campground and the good relationships we form with people.

"We have 120 varied campsites, with no 2 alike. The campground is set up in different areas, for the tenters, the RVers, the seasonal folks, and group campsites. There are 3 modern bath houses all within close proximity to any area of the campground. Laundry facilities are provided on site, a recreation room with plenty of video games, pinball machines, air hockey, and pool tables, an onsite store, nearby propane filling, a nearby RV service center, an award winning Country Music Dance Hall, hiking trails, and a large pool are available to all of our campers."

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