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Twin Rivers Campground – Bath, New Hampshire

Campground Review Submitted by Lisa

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Campground: Twin Rivers Campground
Location: Bath, New Hampshire
Last visit: June 2012
How Found: Searching online for a campground near the speedway.
How Camped: other

Campground Review and Description:


I visited this campground as part of a family reunion. I have never been camping before, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and clean everything was.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments:

Pros: Many different options (nicer cottages, rustic cabins, rv and tent campsites), next to beautiful river, plenty of activities for all ages, really nice pool.

Cons: Dogs must stay on leash. (I understand why they have to do this.)

Additional Comments: Ammonoosuc River, country's oldest general store, covered bridge.

Rating: 5

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From Twin Rivers Campground: " Conveniently located near some of New Hampshire's and Vermont's most popular tourist attractions. Whether you stay a few days, a week or month, our facilities will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable for your family."

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