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Indian Creek Recreation Destination - Geneva on the Lake, Ohio

Campground Review Submitted by Katie

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Campground: Indian Creek Recreation
Location: Geneva on the Lake, Ohio
Last visit: June, 2012
How found: Initially online but we've been going for about 3 years.
How Camped: Tent

Campground Review and Description


I was very disappointed in how they handled a larger group of people.

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments

Pros: Clean restrooms and lots of activities

Cons: The whole booking process and customer service.

Attractions: Close to the Geneva on the Lake strip.

Additional Comments: We've been camping at this campground for 3 years. This year we had a larger group so I called to ask if there was a limit to how many people to a campsite. The girl told me they charge per person so the number of sites didn't matter. I booked online which goes through their corporate Morgan Resorts. They called to confirm and booked the campground. A couple days prior to camping a woman who worked at Indian Creek called and said corporate didn't know what they were doing and booked it all wrong. They wanted to refund what corporate charged and then charge me triple. I think it's ridiculous that the campground and corporate aren't in sync. It was very misleading that corporate confirmed everything was fine but the campground says it was all wrong.

Rating: 2

Ohio Camping and Travel Information

From Indian Creek Recreation Destination: "Our friendly camping resort has something for everyone: go fishing in our stocked, scenic lake, swim in one of our heated pools, play a game of miniature golf or participate in any of our planned activities during our themed weekends suited for guests of all ages! Pull your RV into one of our sites complete with full hookups, cable TV and fire rings or put up your tent in one of our spacious primitive sites and stay as long as you like. Don’t forget to join us for live NASCAR races, sports programming and nightly movies on our giant screen in our rally field!"

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