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Wawaloam Campground in West Kingston, Rhode Island

Campground Review Submitted by C

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Campground: Wawaloam Campground
Location: West Kingston Rhode Island
Last visit: May, 2012
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description

Wawaloam Campground is owned and operated by the Smith Family. Gosh, rules, rules and more rules... I would strongly urge avoiding this campground if you would like to avoid feeling like you're walking on egg shells your entire weekend stay! Here are a few reasons we encountered during our visit for you to consider in your plans:

  1. Unable to view campground website prior to Memorial Day weekend 2012 arrival, due to virus warnings from my antivirus software if enter their site.
  2. Found a note on the door of our camper in the morning, informing us our camper entrance mat was not regulation size and to remove it immediately. So many other nicer ways they could have handled this.
  3. Inconsistent enforcement of rules observed as other camper entrance mats where just as large or larger than ours.
  4. No chairs provided for your comfort at the pool, waterslide or mini golf area's to relax and watch your children.
  5. $20 per child for the use of the waterslide. Expensive and no discounts offered, especially with 4 children!
  6. Unable to enter the mini golf area, unless you also pay, to assist your children play and keep score.
  7. Children without a helmet not permitted to ride their bikes. Campground does not provide nor sell helmets.
  8. Unable to reuse the same plate at the breakfast buffet to go through again, must wait in a entirely different line for a new plate first.
  9. Children are not allow to have more than 1 bingo card each to play candy bar bingo.
  10. Must be under 18 yrs old to play candy bar bingo.
  11. Our campsite was located in a row with other weekend campers that was located parallel to a row of seasonal campsites where the seasonal residents, on Memorial Day Saturday morning, were out with their motorized lawn mowers, leaf blowers and hedgers. Very unpleasant and noisy!
  12. Out of approx. 250 campsites, only approx. 20 have sewer hook-ups. Inconvenient.
  13. Upon arrival after checking in at the office, pulled the car into our assigned campsite for ease of unloading. Before I had the opportunity to even shut the car off or opening the car door, I was abruptly approached by the owners aggressively driving up on me in their golf cart informing "I can't park there, only one vehicle per site, you need to park in a visitors lot." No smile on their faces or in their voices, no hello, no welcome, is this your first time staying with us! Again, so many other nicer ways they could have handled themselves.
  14. I even experienced another Smith family member making a sarcastic remark to me when I held up my entrance ID at the gate upon re-entering after making a store run.
  15. Beware, noticed an Asian long-horned beetle among the bundled firewood purchased from their campground store. The firewood bundles were mixed with old construction 2x4's as well
  16. Got the impression that the Smith family's priority is the manicure of their campground rather than with your family's enjoyment, quality of stay or convenience. In addition, you get the message, they are policing you!

Recommendation: There are plenty of other, more worthy, welcoming New England campgrounds to visit to call your home away from home for your family's enjoyment throughout the summer! All the Best, A fellow RV camper.

Pros, Cons and Rating

Pros: The Cons over shadow any Pros.

Cons: See above.

Rating: 1

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