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Tremont Hills Outdoor Resort and Campground - Great Smoky Mountains

Campground Review Submitted by SJB

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Campground: Tremont Hills Outdoor Resort and Campground
Location: Townsend, Tennessee
Last visit: July, 2012
How Camped: RV

Campground Review and Description


Came here two years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, the new managers/workers are rude and have NO compassion during and after the July 5th storm. No emergency warning, no emergency plan, no compassion to check on campers after the storm or keep them informed. Why should they care that's now it's 3 days after the storm and we don't have electricity and A/C on 100 degree days? No refunds, NO discounts, no caring about the current or future guests during these difficult times.

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Tennessee Camping and Travel Information

From Tremont Hill Outdoor Resort: “Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, in the Cades Cove area, Tremont Hill Campground and Log Cabins, located "On the Peaceful Side of the Smokies" offers a quiet, cool, modern campsite. The facility is situated on 2,000 feet of beautiful tree shaded mountain river footage on over 20 acres land. Spacious R.V. Sites and Separate Tenting Area with Shaded and Open Sites Available “

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