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When you need good, first hand information the natural thing to do is to talk to someone with personal experience. There are tons of resources for RVers: Magazines, books, outlets like Camping World, and many, many RV websites.

While these may not answer your specific questions there are many RV forums you can join that are ideal for asking questions and getting quick answers. These groups have members from all RV backgrounds who, collectively, possess volumes of knowledge about any type of RV, RV problem and RV solution. Each forum offers a wonderful opportunity to begin making lifelong friends.

There's a lot to learn about your home on wheels that you'd never think of until either someone brings it up or you get into a jam and have to call for help. The following is a summary of just a few of many RV forums.

Open Roads Forum

The Open Roads Forum is sponsored by Good Sam Club, a reputable organization within the RVing community. This seems to be the same as RV.Net so if you join at one link you should be joined at the other. Some of the categories include:

  • Recreational Vehicles with forums for all types of RVs from popup trailers to toy haulers to Class A motorhomes
  • Camping forums cover tent camping and work camping
  • General RVing with forums for beginning RVing, RVing with disabilities or pets, lifestyle and much more
  • Technical Resources covering towing, equipment, appliances, repairs and more
  • Locations with forums covering RV parks, campgrounds, and boondocking
  • Around the Campfire for everything else

Campingroadtrip.com Forum

CampingRoadTrip.com offers not only a forum, but a searchable database of campgrounds in the U.S., campground and RV park reviews, tips and articles. They also have a downloadable app for iPhone that includes information about 14,000 parks and campgrounds. 

The RV Forum Community

The RV Forum Community tags itself as "The friendliest place on the web for anyone with an RV or an interest in RVing," and "We are the oldest online RV community." Members are considered "Framily" as in "friends and family combined." The major forum categories include:

  • RVing Message Boards with almost 30 topics on all aspects of RVing, including a "for sale and wanted" forum, photography and hobbies and other topics not normally found on forums
  • Other Recreational Activities covering communications, fishing, outdoor activities and water recreation
  • Reviews of campgrounds, service and repair experiences
  • Navigating the forum where you can learn about the site
  • Industry representation and support

In addition to their forum, you can join their live chat, the "Virtual Campfire" on Wednesday evenings with other RVers from around the country, and I think I saw some comments from the UK and Australia, too.

Other offerings include a resources link to everything from repairs, to insurance, to tips and tricks, and more. Their library button takes you to a page with over 300 articles on dozens of RV related topics. There's even a glossary. This site is loaded with information, so be sure to visit and join.

iRV2.com Forums

iRV2.com is another site loaded with forums and information.

  • Community Forums covers a variety of RV topics from announcements to news about RVs, vendor deals and more
  • Motorhome Forums includes five forums, each dedicated to different class of motorhomes, problems and towing
  • Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel and Truck Camper Forums covers all that plus Toy Haulers and pop ups
  • Truck Conversions, MDT's and HDT's Forums cover those and bus conversions
  • RV Camping Forums covers locations, boondocking, events, traveling, and true stories
  • Owner's Corner Forums for owners to discuss various RVs makes and models
  • Chassis Club Forums discuss motorhome chassis
  • The Power Train Garage Forums talk about engines and transmissions
  • RV Systems and Technologies Forums discuss products, Internet access, TV, Satellite, Cell Phones, appliances and green technology
  • RV Life Styles Forums cover traveling with pets, hobbies full timing, Veterans, budgeting, solo RVing, work camping and more
  • Regional Chapters, Campouts and Rallies talk about activities and events in different regions of the US and Canada

This is a very active forum with nearly 1,000 users online as I write this article. In addition to forums this site offers classifieds, information about campgrounds, a blog, calendar of events, a chat room, links to products and services and more.

Escapees RV Club Forum

As a long-time Escapees member this is a forum where we began to learn about the RVing lifestyle. Discussions on the Escapees site cover:

  • RVing Forums focus on 21 topics including beginning RVing, general discussion, full-timing lifestyle, technology, budget, working from your RV, legislation that affects RVers, Escapees RV Club events and escapades among others
  • RV Marketplace offers seven categories of classifieds including work opportunities
  • Ask the Experts includes several services for insurance, emergency medical transport and roadside assistance
  • Other Subjects covers hobbies, activities, computers, investing, Veterans, health issues, and more.

Escapees is best known for providing permanent Texas residence status for full-timers.

Airstream Forum

Most RV manufacturers have a forum for owners of their RVs and other products. We joined Airforums because we were shopping for an Airstream. If you haven't already bought your RV, join a forum specific to the RV you want to own. You'll learn from owners what the problems and advantages are of each along with countless other details to consider.

If these forums aren't enough for you, just run a search on "RV forums" and get comfortable. You'll be busy for a while.

So, do yourself a favor and join some of the wonderful RV forums and make some friends while you learn about your life and travels in your RV.

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