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RVers: Workin’ ‘N Rollin’

Creating a Portable Career


Kim added, “I would have to say that being able to use technology to always be virtually connected is important. I have traveled all over the east coast with a mobile card and an adapter on my laptop and my clients have no idea that when I'm delivering their products I'm in the passenger seat of my van tooling up I-95 with my husband.

As long as you use what is out there in a smart manner you really can work from almost anywhere. Only drawback may be a position that requires a quiet environment, which traveling may wreak havoc with. Working virtually is no different than a traditional job with expectations, deadlines and standards. What makes it attractive is the flexibility.”

Kim stressed the need for self-discipline for any home based worker. She says, “Really it comes down to whether they have the mindset to discipline themselves to focus on the task at hand and not allow kids, TV, the beach (my vice) or laundry to pull them off what they need to do.”

Substitute RVers distractions for Kim’s list and find ways to keep them from distracting you.

Preparing to Work from Your RV Home

With just a computer and the peripherals many of us have anyway, you can start earning an income from your RV home right away. You will need a reliable and readily accessible Internet connection. Major phone services offer MiFi, USB or cards. If you know you will be near a WiFi connection, that may be all you need.

If you live in an RV, your office space will be limited, but you will still need some sort of file box for paper records. CDs or DVDs are fine for digital files. An all-in-one printer-scanner-copier is essential. Faxes can be sent through online FAX services. Free email accounts are available from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or dozens of other providers. Add a cell phone, or at least Skype or video conferencing and you’re good to go.

Now, all you need to do is polish up your RVer jobs skills and find some ideal RVers jobs on the go.

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