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Bow RiversEdge Campground – Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Campground Review Submitted by Norm

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Campground: Bow RiversEdge Campground
Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
How Found: Driving through town

Campground Review and Description


We stopped in to get information and dates of availability. We were told we could be accommodated for our six-week stay. That evening we sent an email requesting a reservation (we included our phone numbers). After a day of not getting any response we drove over to do a booking. We were told that they do not respond to emails (Why have an email address then?). They took our information and said they would phone us later in the day to let us know if they could book us in. It is now 27 hours later and they have not called. Do they not know how to manage the place!!!! No customer service or consideration at all. Since we are here for work we will be telling others (in the construction community) that this place is unacceptable. Word of mouth travels faster than a 5th Wheel.

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Rating: 1

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