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Shady Lake Campground, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas

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This is an Army Corps of Engineers facility located near Mena, Arkansas. On a small lake created by a dam and at least three spring fed creeks, this place was created by the CCC during the depression. It has a nice shallow swimming area and pavilion with bathrooms, showers and (in the summer) concessions. Most camp sites are located near running streams and are nicely tended, level and distanced comfortably away from other sites (not too crowded). There are play areas for children, some hot showers (solar powered) and great trails both up the mountain and along the lake (better for kids). This is a nice area for people with or without kids that isn't very crowded or very developed. It is quiet and scenic.

Look for it in the Arkansas Guide to Camping. It isn't in the state parks guide because it is an ACE site. Our local Jaycee group has used this area for group camping several times. It is 10 miles down a gravel road from the main highway. The lake is too small for anything except electric powered boats.

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