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Brookdale Family Campground, Meadville, PA

Submitted by Ed and Faye Gebhard

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We were there from 1991 to 2001. We found this campground from camping with our camping club, which would camp there every once in a while.

Campground Review

We always liked it there and when we could not travel anymore we decided to park our trailer there permanently so we could still enjoy camping. We have been there 9 years now and hope to have many more years there. It is a very friendly place with a lot to offer both adults and children of all ages, plus it's pet friendly. The sites are large, level and shady. The work is all done by the owners and you just go for the fun which is different each weekend. The owners are very nice and friendly people and always aiming to please you and make your stay as much fun as possible. It's a very relaxing place as well. Try it once and I'm sure you'll be back. There's a lot to see outside the campground area as well. Lakes, history, and golfing etc. We prefer all the fun at the campground.

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