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Otter Lake Camp Resort, Marshalls Creek, PA

Submitted by Craig

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I found this campground through here on the camping site. I was there in April 2001. Thanks for the great links page. - Craig

Campground Review

Otter Lake campground is in a great area in the lower Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. There's lots of area interests or you can just stay at the campground. The campground has nicely paved roads, 200+ acres, stocked pond, gated community, extra large sites, ample showers/restrooms, boat rentals, and next to state forest, seven miles into the woods. My wife and I were able to get away alone (4 children - 7, 5, and 2 year old twins left at the grandparents) and enjoy the Pocono area. Also found two campgrounds in one at Timothy Lake in the same area that we are going to go back to next month. They have nice sites and a water park, also with shuttle service from the south campground to the north campground that has the water park, (both are part of Outdoor World Association).

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