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Cedar Ridge Campground, Lawrence, Kansas

Submitted by Joyce

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We found this campground while looking for a close Corps of Engineers park to take our two lab pups for their first swim. We camped there in May 2001.

Campground Review

This campground (on Clinton Lake) was the best I've seen. It was huge! I got lost when I went to the showerhouse. The grass was thick and well manicured, with large expanses of rolling grassy areas. The restrooms were immaculate, with plenty of paper towels and toilet paper. The showerhouse had great, hot showers and even had a dial you turn to listen to NOAA weather on a loud speaker. Never saw that before! The campsites were heavily treed, yet had plenty of room for the "big boys" to pull in. Huge sites, all paved and very clean! Very friendly camp hosts too. The views were wonderful and the swimming beaches were great. Dump stations were well maintained and they had three of them. On a scale from 1-10, it was an "11". The Corps of Engineers really got their stuff together. I can't wait to go back there; I finally found a place in Kansas that I will go to and love it!

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