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Las Canoas Private RV Park, Mazatlan, Mexico

Submitted by Don Mowrer

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Don - I visited Mazatlan in 1968. I saw Las Canoas being constructed, and I have returned every year from Phoenix, AZ during Christmas vacation ever since.

Campground Review

This campground is leased and run by Americans and Canadian residents. They offer city chlorinated, safe drinking water. It is walled-in except where it is open at the beachfront. They have 56 large patio sites. No tents allowed, only fully self-contained RVs. There is a minimum rental of one month. Ten spaces are on the beachfront, others are behind these in four rows. Lots can be leased or rented. It's very safe and quiet here. There is a dual freeway with no hills all the way from the U.S. border - a two day trip. There are trimmed coconut palm trees throughout the park and a two-mile stretch of un-crowded beach.

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