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Casino Queen RV Park, East St. Louis, Illinois

Submitted by Kelly Garrett

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Kelly - I found this campground on the Internet searching for a campground close to St. Louis, and I camped there in July and August 2001.

Campground Review

If you're looking for a place to commune with nature and sit around a campfire, this is not the place for you. But, if you want to see the sights of the city without having to negotiate city streets in an RV, this IS your place. The Casino Queen RV Park sits in East St. Louis, Illinois just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. Included in your camping fee is a free giant breakfast buffet at the Casino Queen Hotel. Just walk over to the camp check-in/store and pick up the phone for a free shuttle to pick you up and deposit you at either the Casino (located nearby) or at the MetroLink station. For a nominal fee, ride the train to various stops through St. Louis all the way out to the airport. The campsites have two sizes and two prices. The smaller have no grass but are full hookups with cable and Internet. The larger sites each have a grassy area between them. The campground is immaculately maintained and has nice showers, a laundry, a park for the kids and a well-stocked store. We loved it! The convenience of the shuttles is fantastic and the St. Louis skyline offers a beautiful view. Don't miss it! City camping at its best.

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