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River Valley RV Park, Gladwin, Michigan

Submitted by Lisa

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Lisa - I found out about this campground by word-of-mouth, and I camped there in August 2002.

Campground Review

This is a great family-oriented campground. They have a private lake with beach, and they are pet-friendly. I looked for three years to find a park with seasonal sites that had a beach. They also have lots of activities for the kids and a camp store. Amish baked goods and crafts are sold here on Saturdays during the season.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Terrible service, only good if seasonal, Member bzt6967

My girlfriend and I drove an hour and a half to go camping for the weekend at River Valley. We got their and saw the site they were going to give us and it was not even 15ft by 10ft. There were trailers going on to it and cars parked all around us. We were on the corner of two roads, and not a single tree on our tiny little lot. Obviously we weren't too happy so I politely asked the management if they could have the other guests move their vehicles. The management instead offered us a different site. So we went and found what we thought was that sign, but its apparently we were on the wrong site. Since they're sites have no labels. Apparently we were a few sites over. Anyway, the management came by, saw where we set up and said ""this site looks like it will work much better for you"". We set up our tent and got all of our stuff ready and were on the site for about 2 hours when the management came by later and said, whoops were on the wrong site... but the people who were originally meant to have our site said we could stay there as long as we let their kids come thru our site since they had friends in the park. We obviously were more than happy to allow them to pass thru all they wanted. Well another 2 hours go by and we've got food on the grill and everything, here comes the management again. They tell us that now we have to pack up all or stuff (that took us several hours to unpack) and move 3 sites over. We had had enough of this tiny packed trailer park. We were so angry we left and demanded a refund. I would only recommend this place if your looking for seasonal or permanent sites on the tobacco river. If your trying to go for a nice weekend, this place is horrible. Terrible expierence, will never return.

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