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Craters of the Moon Lava Flow Campground, Arco, Idaho

Submitted by Gferic

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Gferic - I found this campground on the Internet, and I tent camped there in June 2003.

Campground Review

If you're into desolate-looking surroundings, this is the campground for you. The campground has 51 sites, most suitable for tents or small RVs only, but some of them can accommodate larger vehicles. As the name implies, the campground was built on a lava flow, so expect to be setting up your tent on a gravel surface (no grass as a cushion!). It can get quite windy in the afternoons, so be sure your tent is able to handle it. There are numerous short trails in the area, and the National Park Service provides an amphitheater program in the evenings. The attraction of this area is its unusual appearance; it's easy to imagine the lava flowing through the valley. There are no showers or RV hookups, although there is electricity in the restrooms. Because there are very few trees and no river or lake, this isn't your typical campground. But the unusual nature of the vicinity makes it well worth a visit.

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