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Cherokee KOA, Cherokee, North Carolina

Submitted by Pat

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Pat - I found this campground in Woodall's, and I RV camped there in July 2003.

Campground Review

This campground has caught my heart for camping. There is nothing really fancy about it other than its location in the Smoky Mountains. Since last year, they built a complete indoor pool with 25-person hot tub. Every evening they have special dinners; this year being all you can eat steak or barbecue chicken for a very reasonable cost. We also rented a car to tour the area right from the campground. There is fantastic shopping nearby, a casino, and the campground has a fishing pond stocked with trout twice weekly. The sites are kept up very well, and there are even some super sites that are about 75 feet long. What a great park! We will definitely go again.

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