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Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, Mackinaw City, MI

Submitted by Julie

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Julie - I found this campground on the Web, and I tent camped there in August 2003.

Campground Review

I think this is a great campground because the people at the desk were very organized and friendly. The whole facility was very, very clean and well maintained. The camp store had everything a regular store would have, and the security at night was great. They gated it off and checked your ID to get in. They also have a "quiet time" rule from 11:00pm to 9:00am, which is nice for those of us in tents. They rent bikes, have a pool, and have music down by the water at the Mackinaw Bridge view on Saturday nights. It was very impressive, and we still had a private campsite and woods and trails and Lake Michigan!

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
DON'T RESERVE HERE, Member klcotter

The staff is unhelpful and rude. We reserved in person, despite my better judgment, after looking at the sites. I SPECIFICALLY asked the woman at the window if there was a fee for canceling since we were unsure of our dates. She gave me an odd look and said Not if you let us know in advance. There is a $3 non-refundable fee . I went ahead and reserved since $3 is not much risk. I asked her to only charge one night since we weren t sure of our plans and didn t want to give more than the minimum in advance. Well, they charged the whole stay on our credit card. We did, in fact, have to cancel and I gave almost 2 weeks notice. They charged us $13 to cancel and said there is a $10 cancellation fee that they state at the window and in an email confirmation. I was NOT told about the $10 cancellation fee. If I had known it would be $13 to cancel then I would NOT have made the reservation until I was sure of our dates. I ve called back and spoken to 2 rude people, the manager being one of them. The manager insisted that they give this information to everyone and I can assure you I was not told. She also said that it was marked that I was told about the $10, well, it was also marked that I only wanted one night charged and they didn t do that, so several things marked on that sheet are incorrect. The manager wanted me to email my complaint after I ve already called twice and emailed once, and that she would forward it to the owner who would likely do nothing. THIS IS RIDICULOUS and HORRIBLE customer service. I cannot believe that anyone would recommend this place. I didn t even stay here and I can assure you that I will tell EVERYONE going to mackinaw to not fall for this place, who cares that they have a video of their campground, they have horrible customer service. When the owner saw my terrible review on TripAdvisor he responded by saying I was rude to the staff. That is not true. Please take the time to read the other terrible reviews of this campground and save yourself the time and hassle. His staff did not tell me about the $10 cancellation fee when I was standing there in front of the window about to pay. Their email confirmation says nothing of the $3 non-refundable fee. And the email confirmation came after I made the reservation so it would have been too late to cancel without fee anyway - which is exactly why I asked in-person at the window. Terrible service and you ll notice for any bad review - the owner says something about the person leaving the review - I ve never spoken to the owner and I was not rude to the staff at all. This man is losing more money by getting bad reviews and I hope people going elsewhere when they see them rather than honoring good customer service and refunding money when HIS staff failed to give all the information.

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