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Big Meadow Family Campground, Townsend, Tennessee

Submitted by Patti

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Patti - We found this campground while staying in a motel in Townsend and looking for a place to store our camper, and we RV camped there in December 2003.

Campground Review

We have been staying at Big Meadow for about four years now. We store our camper there, and we are thus able to drive up about once a month except January through March. This is a family owned and operated campground with the owners living in the campground. The same people stay there over and over because we all appreciate the loving care the Johnsons give their campground. This is a wonderful place to stay with children or just couples.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! Very strict rules/regulations. It is one thing to enforce your rules, however it is completely different to be a JERK while doing so! Owner was EXTREMELY rude to our visitors! They even made us pay for my neice that was not even 2 weeks old at the time! There are MUCH better places to camp in Townsend. Try Mountaneer or Treemont instead!

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