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Deception Pass State Park, Whidbey Island, WA

Submitted by Webfoot

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Webfoot - As a life-long resident of Washington State, I've gone to this state park and campground many times since I was a child and camped with my parents.

Campground Review

Deception Pass State Park is visually breathtaking with rugged cliffs, ocean beaches, a lake, and huge evergreen trees. The campsites are very woodsy and surrounded with lush trees and shrubs. Activities include beachcombing, bird and wildlife viewing, hiking trails, fishing, swimming, and relaxing. An added attraction is a narrow sandy spit separating the salt water of the ocean and the freshwater cranberry lake. As kids we'd play in the salt water until we got too cold and run across the spit into the warm water of cranberry lake to take the chill off. Both tent sites and full hookup RV sites are available. Reservations available through Washington State Parks Website are recommended during the summer months.

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