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Bear Den Campground, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Submitted by Paula Collins Hardin

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Paula - I found out about this campground from a friend, and the owners just happened to be from my hometown of Hickory, NC. I cabin camped there in July 2004.

Campground Review

I started camping at Bear Den almost nine years ago as a single parent of three children ages 7, 9, and 13. Campsites are private, bathhouses are very clean, and the staff is wonderful. Most of all I felt a sense of security at this campground. The kids love to fish and use the paddle boats, not to mention time at the arcade. It's become a tradition to go into town for rock mining. The entertainment on Saturdays is always fun, and the Sunday services are very nice. I remarried last year. and my husband just loves to camp any chance we get, and the kids still continue to join us. It's the one thing they haven't out grown as teenagers. We continue to make great memories at Bear Den.

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