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Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park, Pikeville, Tennessee

Submitted by Jonathan

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Jonathan - My mom and dad stumbled upon this campground when they were crossing Tennessee on vacation many summers ago, and I've tent camped there many times.

Campground Review

I think this is a great campground because it has some of the nicest tent sites available anywhere in the United States. I have tent camped all over the U.S. and Fall Creek Falls State Park ranks in the top 3 in my opinion. The tent sites are very large. Most all of them are very level. They are "sleeping-lump" free, which is always appreciated by those of us who don't carry an air mattress or cot. There are electrical outlets, lantern hangers, fire pits, and tables on every site. There are trash recepticals and bathhouses within easy reach, and if that's not enough it is one of the most beautiful parks in all of America.

In addition to the great amenities that come with tent camping at Fall Creek Falls, you also have easy access to thousands of acres of some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of North America. The hiking trails, biking trails, and roadways make it easy to navigate through the park so that you can enjoy all of the incredible vistas in a few short hours, if you so choose. You can linger at one of the many swimming holes beneath a beautiful waterfall and catch up with the rest of the vistas tomorrow.

If you really get excited about tent camping, like I do, then you owe it to yourself to check out this park. Fall Creek Falls State Park has something to offer everyone. If you are looking for fun and adventure, you can find it here. If you need some time to rest and relax, you can find that too. Start planning your next tent camping trip right now and come and see why Fall Creek Falls State Park has been one of our family's favorites for years.

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