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Rocky Gap State Park, Flintstone, Maryland

Submitted by Lisa

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Lisa - I found out about this campground from family, and I RV camped there from 1997-2004.

Campground Review

The beauty of Rocky Gap is what we keep coming back for. It is a relaxed environment with plenty of privacy. My family has been camping in the pet loop on Memorial Day weekend for almost ten years. We love it, and we've gotten to know the regular camp host ladies that live there. When we forget things like matches (it was embarrassing when we did that last year), they were right there to help us out. The whole place is awesome with lots of things for the kids to do. The volunteer group holds events and the kids always have fun at the kids' games on Memorial Day weekend. Karaoke is always a blast too. We are to the point that we even recognize the volunteers that make it all happen. It's like a big reunion when my family goes down for our Friday evening ice cream at the volunteer booth.

The whole staff is great. The only things we don't like are that the bathrooms are usually semi-dirty, the dumpsters stink worse than anything I've ever smelled, and the nature building with all of the animals usually don't have anything to offer the kids. They want to learn and do activities but there never are any there. Of course, the volunteer people make up for that. My daughter won t-shirts at the games last year, and she would wear one every day to school if I would let her. It's an awesome place to visit. Just be aware that sometimes the facilities aren't totally clean. Let the volunteer in your loop know about it, and they will fix it right away, faster than the cleaning trucks or the central office at the entrance. You can even order firewood at the volunteer booth, and they will deliver it to your site. Talk about good service. We're coming back this year and can't wait.

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