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Bourne Scenic Park, Bourne, Massachusetts

Submitted by Richie

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Richie - I found out about this campground from some friends who have been there seasonal for years, and I RV camped there many times in 2005.

Campground Review

I think this is a great campground because of the location, staff, and activities. It is located on the Cape Cod Canal, which allows for some of the nicest bike riding, fishing, and boat watching in the area. The restrooms and camping areas are always kept clean. One other thing I like is that, if you have company and are relatively quiet, your fire doesn't have to be put out at a certain time. They also have a good assortment of activities planned for young children and teens.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Bourne Scenic Park Cape Cod Mass, Member Johnsakowich

We were first time campers at the park. Found it on the internet. It looked wonderful. When we got there we found it nice and large and easy access to the camping area. Over all it was very beautiful. What was the problem was is the owners or managers negelicted to inform us they had a bad theft problem. We found this out about on our third day. We with about 10 to 20 other people got our vehicles robbed. They stole a pair of nikon benockulars from us and tried to remove our ham radio from the truck. The trashed the truck as well. Other people lost gps equipment and cameras. I do not hold the camp ground people responsible for what was stolen but I do hold them responsible for not letting us know they had a problem. We found out just how much of a problem it was from the police officer that took our and everyone elses report. Also people who have been there in the past said they have had bicycles, coolers and other things stolen in the past and this is a very common accurance there. When we left early due to not feeling safe there we asked about getting the rest of our money back and they manager said no we paid for the week so we loose. So I do not recomend anyone staying there unless you plan to be burglerized.

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