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F.D. Roosevelt State Park, Pine Mountain, Georgia

Submitted by Michelle

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Michelle - I was looking for a place to camp with our two boys and another family with three girls. It was all of our first times camping with kids, and F.D. Roosevelt was only two hours away, if anything went wrong. We tent camped there in October 2005.

Campground Review

We were so impressed with this campground from the first moment. This park is beautifully wooded with small lakes that we were able to hike to. The restrooms were kept spotless. Each campsite was very private, which helped to add to our experience without feeling as if we were right on top of other campers. Besides the wonderful hiking trails and generally great atmosphere, Calloway Gardens was only a few miles away along with Warm Springs and the Little White House. There is even a wild animal park called Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park where you can drive through and feed all kinds of animals from zebras and giraffes to buffalo and deer. There were so many little activities close by to provide fun for all of us, 4 adults, 3 girls, and 2 boys. We all can't wait to go back.

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