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Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park, Pikeville, Tennessee

Submitted by Sheila

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Sheila - I found out about this campground at a family reunion, and I RV camped there in June 2005.

Campground Review

The campsites are large, but not too large, and they are well-shaded. The rangers are in and out all the time. The bath houses are all very nice. E site has the best bath house. There is a wonderful playground. There are activities for all ages at all times of the day. There is a swimming pool (you do have to pay), but there are several areas where you can swim for free in the natural water. The area is beautiful and well-maintained. There are lots of walking and bike trials. There are rentable cabins and a hotel, and they also have an area for youth camping. The inn is very nice, and the gold course is great. The park is very large and provides several areas for picnics and group gatherings. The only disadvantage is that the park is so large that unless you really like walking then you are forced to drive to many of the areas.

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