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Lightner Creek Campground, Durango, Colorado

Submitted by Suzette

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Suzette - We blitzed the Internet, so I don't remember exactly which site led us to Lightner Creek. We were looking for something close to Durango and then researched the closest options. We cabin camped there in July 2006.

Campground Review

The housekeeping cabin where we stayed (complete with electricity and running water) was great for non-campers such as myself. It housed six of us, my brother and his 3 young children, me and my teenage son comfortably for $160/night. It was nicely tucked in against the mountainside with trees all around, a stream running through, and a positively stellar night sky. We later passed one of the other campgrounds we had looked at with the RVs and tents just sitting out in open spaces and thanked our lucky stars we had settled on Lightner Creek. The cabin was cozy and clean. The campground was a nice family-friendly mix of RV, cabin and tent campers. The proprietors weren't overly friendly, but they were efficient and informative about the local resources. The kids had a blast in the swimming pool. The owners predicted we'd need an extra night to do everything on our schedule, and they were right. We could have just as easily spent a couple of days hanging out in the campground adjusting to the rhythm of the stream.

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