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Lighthouse Landing, Grand Rivers, Kentucky

Campground Review from Sherry

About.com Rating 2 Star Rating


I found out about this campground on the Internet, and I RV camped there in October 2006.

Describe your camping trip:

The campground was not a family atmosphere place. They only had 2 or 3 sites kept open for overnight rentals. The rest were year rounders, and the sites were left unattended and some were downright junky. It was all hilly and rocky. Only a couple of campsites were on the water.
Pros: Despite the campground, they had beautiful cottages overlooking the lake or marina. Also, facing west there were beautiful sunsets to see over the lake.

Cons: The campgrounds.
Nearby attractions: KY Dam, KY Lake and Lake Barkley, Patti's Settlement, Old Homeplace, Golden Pond and Planetarium, Elk and Bison Prairie, Nature Center

Further comments:

This resort and marina had awesome views of the lake and the barges coming through. The piers and walkways were really nice at sunset.
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