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Mile High Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina

Campground Review from Jon Davidson

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We saw their sign along the road, and we tent camped there in October 2006.

Describe your camping trip:

Mile High is the perfect place to experience the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Smoky Mountains. It's clean, quiet and secluded, and the staff is very friendly. It is a bit on the primitive side, which is just perfect. At over 5000 feet elevation, it is plenty cool even in the summer. The main bathhouse has flush toilets, hot showers, and running water. There is another small flush toilet station with a sink close to many sites. Most of the campsites are large, and almost all of them are screened or secluded by stands of trees and shrubs. Large RVs may have some trouble fitting into many of the spaces, but I did notice a few spots that appeared to be large enough for even the biggest RV.
Pros: Location. The camping spots are secluded or screened from each other.

Cons: none
Nearby attractions: Great Smoky Mountain National Park, The Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherokee Indian Reservation

Further comments:

We loved it and will certainly camp there again.
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Mile High Campground, Member white42

We had visited Mile High Campground in late July of 2012. being our first time we didnt know what to expect. We arrived late and found out that our Campground was on T-4. Well T-4 was down this long gravel road that you drove down in total darkness and it's a small narrow rd. We drove back there to our site and unloaded our car which was up on a hill top. So the hill was steep. We couldnt park the car at our site. So we had to back down this narrow rd once again to park our car just down the rd where it was allowed to park cars. The campground was very nice. Our site had wonderful views. but I suggest T1. or 00. Those sites you can park your car next to the site. The campsite offered Hot Showers and flush toilets. I would recomend this campsite. The nights were very cool with low's in the 50's so bring a nice blanket while the days were nice and warm. The closest store's was about 8 miles to Maggie Valley. They have groceries and gas. Also bring rain gear as the weather can change really fast. A massive rain storm came in one morning and we wasnt prepared.

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