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Crabtree Falls Campground, Tyro, Virginia

Campground Review from Matt McGee

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I had driven by this campground before. I relocated it online to contact them concerning reservations. I tent camped there in April.

Describe your camping trip:

I've loved the two trips I've had there. The first one was a last minute (same day) decision. In addition it was a cool Friday, so everyone and their brother were there. We got a nice campsite up near the parking, still nice, but we had to walk down to the river. The second time I planned more in advance and was able to reserve a nice location right on the river. Very nice and the owners are nice to get along with. Cell phones don't work.

My friend and I walked up the actual river to the beginning of Crabtree Falls. It was not far, but stone hopping took a few hours. The owners said they were surprised we didn't get shot by the owners of the surrounding property for trespassing.

Pros: Everything, and it's right on the water.

Cons: nothing.
Nearby attractions: Crabtree Falls

Further comments:

It was great.
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